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March 29, 2004


Now that "The Rock" has remade an awful sounding cheesy 70's action movie, may I suggest that he tries something a little more up his alley: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097987/

BTW-Leif Garrett's Behind the Music is classic. It's strange he wouldn't mention his star turn in this flick.

Yeah, someone should definitely remake No Holds Barred, one of the best '80s movies starring a wrestler (although it's no They Live starring Rowdy Roddy).

As for Leif Garrett, it is weird that he never mentions this film as a career highlight, especially considering his phenomenal work as "vigilante's son."

P.S. My review of The Rock's Walking Tall remake is coming up later tonight....

the actions in this movie, if taken by the real pusser, are highly questionable and in the end, he simply becomes as corrupt as the lawless people he chases down. even worse. the film is an exapmple of how violence begets violence and why so much is wrong with america.

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