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November 28, 2010


that's not a bad take on the film as a whole, you're at least kinder to it then a number of critics' reviews i'm reading right now. I thought it was a really solid effort from everyone involved.
I actually thought the "distracting techniques" helped the film quite a bit because otherwise you'd be left having the audience try and identify with a leading character who if he's not an outright murderer is at least guilty of the planning of a murder. I honestly thought it was a more engaging film then it would've been had it been a straightfoward re-enactment. (also having him dress in drag is a too good to be made up detail that Jarecki absolutely uses to full deadpan comedic effect here--if anything what its lacking is an explanation for why Gosling tries to off Baker Hall--which is of course where the whole self-defense argument comes into play--i never had a reason to kill him, but he pulled a gun on me-etc.) it was a solidly made film though--i don't understand why Jarecki isn't being given more credit for pulling off a more or less successfully told narrative.

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