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March 20, 2004


re: the final scene--is the woman who appears in the hospital Takabe's wife? She appears to be a different actress. Are we supposed to infer that she is the woman in deep background on the bed? The time sense as well as the position of the woman portrayed is not physically coherent. What is Takabe's interaction with the waitress? Sure, I can come up with a scenario but it is a suggested scenario: again, one the director appears to suggest that I should accept as his suggestion (i.e., it is properly inferred as the director's meditative scenario; and chilling it is, inverting the meaning of the previous scene)--but this is too allusive and too clever by half--the film is the director's reality and should not depend upon a deconstructive exercise on the nature of meta-narrative: if he wants to make major plot points at a certain point he should stop being so darn elliptically coy.

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