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July 25, 2004


The cops' ethnic jokes aside, I think it's nice that HKGTWC features two Asian main characters who break the stereotypical mold.

Which, of course, is in contrast to the race-overconscious chip on Spike Lee's shoulder ... where it seems every detail in his films is racially deliberate.

A good Spike Lee criticism: http://www.negrophile.com/phile/articles/misconception_no_6_africanamerican_audiences_flock_to_spike_lees_films.html

There's no doubt that Lee now makes films for the "arthouse" crowd (a term I hate, but which does exist), and the professor quoted in that article is right that there's likely no such thing as "The Black Audience." But Lee's primary problem is that his films are so obviously diagrammed to lecture the audience about America's racial and socio-economic divides that they fail to provide compelling, bracing, or even believable human drama. She Hate Me is full of muddled, half-baked ideas and ludcirous plot turns, thereby becoming just the latest example of Lee's failure as both a storyteller and as a critic of contemporary society...

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