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August 05, 2004


Not even a D- ?

YOu're overreacting.

Who ever heard of such original ideas as a blind person who can "see" the truth?

P.S. My love can heal you.

Awful. Just plain awful. Usually I'll leave the commentary on movies to luminaries like Mr. Schager here, but even I had to comment how bad this movie was on my blog . . . and Jesus, when they pulled out that picture of William Hurt and the rest of the cast from the black box (and for no one who hasn't seen it and will, you'll understand) wasn't that a photo from the shoot of "The Big Chill"????

No, I don't think I'm overreacting, because that movie was truly dreadful. I went with three people (one of them Cath), and we all were groaning throughout. I mean, why even make such a movie? It says nothing about anything, and only really exists to trick us....as if anyone cares about the surprise ending by the time it rolls around. Ugh.

And what was with that photo? I know they were trying to doctor it so people looked younger, but Brendan Gleeson didn't even look like himself.

I just don't understand why people respond to his junk....

Oh, Cathy was groaning all right.

Oh Facce, one can always count on you to give an online site some class....

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