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January 06, 2005


And you still don't get tired of watching movies. Damn.

That is just a scary amount of movies, my friend. Now I don't know Cathy . . . er . . . at all, but I can just picture a diaper changing session for baby Hannah going something like this:

Cathy: Nick, get your ass here and help me with Hannah!

Nick: But honey I'm not done with the DVD edition of "Squarepants Spongebob" It's the deluxe edition, you know!

Just a gut feeling that answer wouldn't work.

Yes, it's a lot of movies. But the really scary thing is that I still missed a bunch of important films (like Hotel Rwanda and Vera Drake).

Fortunately, that's what January is for!

(And you're right, Wawa - telling Cathy to deal with the baby while I review DVD extras unfortunately does not work. Ever.)

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