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April 10, 2005


Yo there Schager! First complaint - where is the worst movie list since I don't recognize anything the best movie list? Second compaint - Green and white suck when that is the only 2 colors used. Are you afraid of yellow? Purple maybe? Last but certainly not least - Who really watches all these "artsy" movies. If it didn't take more than 20 million to make it then it does not deserve a review. Write about the movies us regular people read!

"Disgruntled Staples Movie Watcher," shouldn't you be in class?

And I didn't know that you regular people "read" movies. I thought you watched them like the rest of us. Weird.

Yes, this is the Pablo you know (at least one of the ones you know). I was just checking out your site and what it lacks on psychodelic colors [like the ones the "reader" ("Disgruntled Staples Movie Watcher") suggests that you ought to have on the site], it is compensated by writing this acurate description of a movie that when I finished watching, it left me thinking of the differences of how children are raised and schooled here in the States, France and Peru. There were many instances when I wished Mr. Lopez was one of my teachers, his understanding, patience and kindness were admirable, and very alien to me (coming from catholic school) as odd or ironic this may sound, it's true. I think that this film reminded me what it was like to be in that age group (with all the fun, innocence, curiosity, fear, naiveness, etc) and how their experiences will affect the rest of their lives. I saw it at Lincoln Plaza when it opened last year and I'm just glad it came out on DVD now. Good review.

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