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June 03, 2005


Didn't think it was that bad. "People under the Stairs", that is. Craven is self-conscious, granted, but what redeems the movie for me is at least he has some ambition in it and it is solidly acted..the titular people under the stairs coming out of the walls, the literal stairs, etc, at the movie's climax owes more than a little bit to the ending of "Night of the Living Dead"

wes craven is a brilliant director and i thought that was one of his best films, it was more suspensefull than horrific though. I actually like brandon adams, he was a good actor back in the days.

Just watched this on Netflix; couldn't wait for it to be over (probably should've just turned it off).

As the author aptly describes, this movie is completely uneven. It's like a bad after school special meets a haunted house B flick.

So many holes, just terrible, and from Wes Craven, completely baffling.

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