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July 29, 2005


Ironically, you list many of the exact same reasons for your liking of the film as I would for my utter hatred of it (easily one of the ten worst things I've ever seen). It just didn't strike the proper chord of self-satire or self-aware badness for me to actually LIKE it, although it is a film I could recommend for those who enjoy bad movies. I do enjoy the underwater shark fight and the quality of the makeup effects, but the vacuousness of the film as a whole left me cold and angry. Still, I like to see that someone else could enjoy it within the parameters of what I'd say is quality taste.

Minor correction: The reason they originally called this one "Zombi 2" in Italy was to cash in on "Dawn of the Dead," which had been retitled "Zombi" for its own European release. On these shores, the film was only ever called "Zombie" (now with an E at the end).

And don't get me started on Argento's cut of "Dawn of the Dead," a whole different headache of cataloguing Italian zombie horror.

Yes, yes, I know I'm a year late on this. The internets are so vast, y'see.

Aaaron - you are, of course, correct. Thanks for the note.

And as you surely know, there's no statute of limitiations on film blog commenting...

I'll further exploit the lack of limitations on blog commenting. :)

As it turns out, time and the evolving taste that comes with it has found "Zombi/Zombi 2" making its way into the favorable area of my taste. I think it's only a matter of seeing enough movies before every film lover comes to realize that story and character aren't everything - sometimes you just want an underwater fight between a zombie and a shark (or a good old, agonizingly-slow splinter-through-the-eye).

Yes you do, Rob. Yes you do.

Does anyone remember the name of the movie that had a bunch of women at a lake when the zombies attack. One women runs into a cabin or shack peeks through a small hole to see if they are coming and gets a wood splinter stuck in her eye? Please send answer to [email protected]. Thank you.

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