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August 18, 2005


What's up with these short movies? I mean at today's theater prices, I think a full-length feature film needs to be an hour and a half. Fifteen minutes of filler isn't so hard to spread throughout the movie. Otherwise, it's like paying $20 for a CD only to find out that it's just a six-song EP.

It's true that going to the movies is so expensive that one feels a bit cheated to find a film running less than an hour and a half. Still, it's better to see a short film that doesn't waste time on extraneous, runtime-padding nonsense than to sit through junk that goes on and on and on just because the filmmaker was obligated to deliver a 105-minute (or 130-minute) movie.

This weekend's two big releases are a case in point: You get much more for your money with a brisk, efficient film like Red Eye than you do with something like 40 Year-Old Virgin, which is funny and fine but should be AT LEAST fifteen minutes shorter...

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