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October 31, 2005


Surely Phantasm oblIVion is only a film the 'phans' will enjoy, due to the convoluted (and, yes, sometimes quite illogical) story and little in the way of action. But if you have grown up with this series (like the actors in it did), there is something truly unique about these men sticking to their caracters and the story of them. Most of the outtakes are actually well integrated (and help in terms of character development, such as showing the bonding of the film's heroes twenty years ago) and the fact that locations are desert and deserted highways might hint at the very low budget, but they have a purpose in the story: The Tall Man has all but suceeded in emptying small town America of living people. This element has been brought in since part two and is a good enough explanation for the absence of other people. Despite the low budget the cinematography is excellent. The elegiac ending of the movie is great, with Mike at the end of the road to doom and Reggie fighting the Tall Man in various time zones forever. If this is truly the last curtain for this inventive little series, it is a classy goodbye.

You sir, are a third-rate hack. Just how many films have you acquired funding for and produced?

None?!? How shocking! I just cannot understand it. You have such an open mind and are not judgemental at all...

Wha?!? I'm a critic, not a film producer. Being the former doesn't also require one to be the latter.

And an open mind isn't required to enjoy Phantasm IV - an empty head is.

I agree kind of with a small amount of what you say about OblIVion. Yes it was convuluted at times but it is a movie that deserves to be reconsidered for sure.
Coscarelli a no talent hack?
Maybe you should listen what other directors have to say about him on Masters of Horror?


Well, I don't think Phantasm IV deserves to be reconsidered, because it really is awful.

However, I'm surprised to see that I said Coscarelli was a no-talent hack, considering that I dig the original Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep, and his Masters of Horror episode. I guess watching the final two (atrocious) Phantasm films back to back had me in an angry mood. Nonetheless, I've toned down the Coscarelli jab somewhat...

I am happy that you do recognize that Coscarelli has made some great work, but in all due respect I think your missing the boat on Oblivion.

I've noticed that you can classify two types of people based on their reaction to the Phantasm films. A)They see only 'on-the'surface', cheap crap. B)They catch the deep, allegorical, underlying themes that drive the series toward an epic label.
'A' people are quick to criticize, and slow to analyze. Their opinion doesn't matter. 'B' people get it, and can enjoy more to Phantasm than what is obvious. There's more to these movies than meets the eye, sir. Watch them all again, and look for some of the more clever, background things that fill out the story, and then perhaps give this movie a more appropriate grade. Good luck!

There's also a third type of person - the rabid fanboy who can't admit that a film in a beloved franchise stinks.

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