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November 28, 2005


thanks for this swell review! I'm reading all of these...

Glad you liked the review, Scott. But are you really planning on reading every review on this site? If so, more power to you, but that might take a while...

Mysterious Skin had all the right elements for Gregg Araki to pull off. It was more art and personal. The eye contact of each character was very emotional for me. By steering into their eyes put's you more in the movie...like you were in the very room hiding in the closet peaking out or, behind the drapes or looking through a door key hole at things that you just would be shocked to have witnessed!

It is that shocking...looking at two boys being molested and watching them grow after that experience! Both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Brady Corbet had pulled off remarkable fighting believable performances in the very edgy get mad at and cry over heart wrenching story of two young boys give over to an adults sex perversions leading then to a down spiral teenage life of hopelessness.

The whole cast in this movie were brave enough to have given breath and life to a film subject that many would probably not want to see. The churchgoer will completely not understand Gregg Araki’s work here at all.
It's is not a movie to be condemned...but a movie to be praised for showing the truth about just how some butt hole of little towns can be filled with this kind of sin as any major city......God help all the children that are faced with this sought of evil right now...Thank you Gregg Araki for a wake up call...

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