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December 26, 2005


Let me guess ... "Why We Fight" doesn't touch on the ties between the French and Russian military-industrial complexes and Saddam Hussein's regime, which were a lot more than "border[ing] on corruption".

I guess if the audience was shown that "Why They Don't Fight" is for the same freaking reasons, it would undercut Jarecki's heavy-handed agenda.

I don't believe that a documentary needs as sterile a topic as "American Movie" or "Spellbound" to be great, but it seems that so many politically-oriented ones are simply a matter of cobbling together clips to support a foregone conclusion. Let the audience make up their own mind, for God's sake.

Your guess is, of course, correct. Jarecki believes that because politicians have ties to the military industry (which they do, and which are often reprehensible), it means that the MAIN reason our country fights is so the military-industrial complex can keep making money. At least in my mind, this is an argument that goes too far.

And it's even more overboard and heavy-handed considering that other countries (like France and Russia) are much more driven to fight - or not fight - based on economic reasons. Any discussion of, say, the U.N.'s Oil-for-Food program, however, is completely ignored.

It'd be nice if, one of these days, a real moderate would make a documentary about contemporary political issues. But for now, most continue to be of the conspiracy-theory mindset.

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