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December 06, 2005


I just questioned someone's decency as a human being because they said they found the "head on a stick" scene funny. Was it possibly wrong to make that judgment?

Well, I do think that finding that scene funny is a bit, um, odd...

Okay, just watched the film again (that's right - in the early hours of Easter morning). Thankfully, the "unrated" stuff on the DVD wasn't the impediment I expected. But holy hell, not only was it (as expected) scores better without the crappy multiplex audience, but it's possibly better than even 74's TCM - I'm even considering giving it the full **** treatment on my own site. IMO, the best thing to happen to the genre since Blair Witch.

I liked the film quite a bit, and yet I was a bit disappointed with some of the developments in the middle third. Reading your review, I'm surprised that you made no mention of some of the choices the characters made which were... well, suspect, to put it lightly. You know, things like "Why didn't she kill him when she had the chance," "Why did they get out of the vehicle," "Why is she taking the time to ogle the killer's goods in such a dire situation," and of course, "How did Mick pull that same stunt that Carpenter used in both Halloween and Precinct 13?"

They weren't enough to ruin the film by any means, but they were reminders of lesser horror flicks that I felt brought it down a peg.

I don't quite understand how you can write such a long and positive review on such a terrible second-rate thriller. This movie reminded me of far too many similar films that attempt to draw the viewer into a more realistic situation. However, I still found it terribly predictable.

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