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January 07, 2006


I think you should do some meta-writing -- i.e. what it's like to review films professionally, as opposed to just being a cinema buff -- I think it would get you an increased readership.

Kinda like waiter rant: http://www.waiterrant.net/

Funny you should say that, Facce, since I've been thinking about adding some general comment posts to the site for the past week or so. Still working out exactly how I want to do it, but hopefully, it'll add a bit more personality to the site, as well as complement the review content that I'll continue to provide.

I don't, however, think it'll be too much like www.waiterrant.net, considering that very few interesting things happen during my nights at screenings (aside from the fight that broke out at The Ring 2 screening, but that's a story for another post....)

Well you could do a FAQ, such as:

* What's it like to be a film critic?
* How many movies do you see in an average week?
* Do you ever get tired of it?
* Who's Kurt Cobain?

Yeah, a FAQ ain't a bad idea. May do that once I start on the new blogging stuff...

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