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January 30, 2006


Perhaps the worst film (other than Rollerball) I have seen in years. If I hadn't spent the previous 2 weeks salivating over the terror it would provide me, I would've been out of there with the quickness.

Instead, I sucked it (I won't say what "it" was--at least not aloud) up and remained seated through to the end. Bad mistake. Fortunately, I made a wrong turn leaving the theater and ended up watching Glory Road, which is an excellent movie and made up for the EXTREME disappointment I felt after When a Stranger Calls.

the new version of when a stranger calls is gay...you don't even see any killing, and who the hell did the stranger end up being?

Um, this is a review of the original 1979 version of When a Stranger Calls, not of the remake.

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