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April 19, 2006


Hello Nick,

This is several years too late, but I wanted to share this anyway. I believe the title of the film refers to a common expression in Mexico, "From Here to Japan", which means that something is located at a near insurmountable distance. Your interpretation of the title still works, though, and your review is as insightful and excellent as the rest of your work. I still can't believe you thought Battle in Heaven was only a B+ though! I thought it was one of the top five films of the last decade and easily the best Latin American film since god knows when.

That's really interesting to know about the title, given how such a definition obviously fits the film.

And thanks for the kind words, Charolastra. Although I seem to remember liking Japón slightly more than Battle in Heaven, a repeat viewing of both might easily result in a different opinion...

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