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May 05, 2006


I finally saw the flick. Man that is rugged. Man, that nun is hot.

I saw the movie for the first time last
night. At first I thought the movie was only
going to be about the cop using drugs.
All of a sudden I started to feel like
I wanted to get high because I'm an addict
who has recovered from drugs and alcohol.
It was torture for me. I related to the pain
and confusion. I to was blaming God for
my addiction. I wanted to be forgiven but
I could not forgive.
My awakining happened once I forgave myself
then I started to see there was no lesser
of two evils.
Thank you for that film.
My only question is How someone could
write and capture the true emotions of an
addict unless they had experienced addiction
It was an awsome movie and thank you again
for reminding me what it used to be like.
Today I'm a writer and I hope my past can
help someone recover from drugs and alcohol
sincerly yours
Rikk W Riter

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