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May 10, 2006


Saw this thing the other day, and I cannot agree with you more. Racism and homophobia are among its many crimes.

That I didn't care a whit for any of the characters, that the deaths of the folks who parrished actually caused laughter in the audience I was in, that one of the character dies and then the body sloshes over and 'saves' everyone, ewww!

Stay away! Stay away!

gotta love Kurt Rusell!

You have got to be kidding, right? While it was not a very good movie, you are really stretching it to call it racist. You obviously see racism everywhere you look, which leads me to think that you must be the one with the problem.

In an early scene of the movie when we first meet the two Hispanic characters I turned to my friend and joking said they are probably going to be the first to go. I was shocked that I was right!!! As a minority myself it’s good to see that I am expendable in disasters. This movie is horrible and way too much in your face death to be entertaining. Rent the original!

I was struck by the (if not the racial bias) offhanded and pitiless treatment of the ethnic minorities in this film. The glamorous crowd at the gala ball sprinkled with an ethnic minority here and there compared with the white uniformed ship staff that looked like a united nations convention minus the white people(did you notice none of the white uniforms were dirty as they actually would be if they worked in kitchens and below decks?). Rather than see this movie I would recommend renting the original or better yet reading the Paul Gallico novel. Even he saw fit to allow a non-English speaking below deck worker to survive the aquatic holocaust.

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