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May 17, 2006


I've read every review I could find on this movie, which I just saw for the first time last night. I was looking for something that viewed Dr. Collins' cabin, all three stories of it, as something akin to the id, ego and superego of Al Walker's mind. I could just about see the killer's girlfriend - the only character with access to all three stories - as meant to symbolize his anima, the Collins child as the killer's own inner child, etc. Even the killer's stooges seemed to represent the "censor band" of the psyche, determined to keep each element on its own floor. And of course the "household help," imprisoned in the basement, could easily represent anger and fear in the unconscious mind. One was really ticked off and the other couldn't stop crying. Plus one escaped and set the climax in motion, not so long after Dr. Collins lectured Al Walker about how hard it is for the censor band to keep the unconscious stuff under wraps. Toward the end, all I could think about was how cool it would be if Woody Allen did a remake.

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