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May 17, 2006


B+? Damn, dude. Was it really that good, or were you just pining for something dark-and-humorous after all the film noir reviews?

Were there at least some gratuitous boob shots?

Well, I was feeling a bit generous, it's true. But I also dug the film, in part because it's so upfront about its affection for cheesy slasher flick conventions.

No great boob shots, I'm afraid to say. Only a quick one in the peeping tom scene.

Yes, but that's great, because there is absolutely no other reason -- other than the obligatory nipple or two -- for the stilt-wearing Uncle Sam to be a perv.

Bless you for giving this one some respeck, it's such a fun little flick. When's Larry Cohen gonna do something else besides writing telephone thrillers and directing my personal fave from Masters of Horror's first season?

FYI, thanks for the link in your margin. If you look for your buddy McCabe on my links page, you'll see I did the same. Cheers, Nick!

No kidding - Cohen needs to get back to making some features of his own (though I too liked his MOH episode). The cinematic world needs him!

And thanks for the link - that thing rocks!

Nick: I recently saw Lustig's Maniac for the first time and was soundly unimpressed. But your description of Uncle Sam is intriguing. Before doing the perfunctory IMDb search, do you know if it's on DVD? I liked the Lustig/Cohen combination on the commentary track for God Told Me To, but I didn't know they'd made any movies together. This one sounds like it might be in the best tradition of B-movies rooted in social or political commentary. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks too for the link on your sidebar.


Yeah, it's on DVD (in fact, there's a relatively new special edition that's good). As for whether you'll like it or not - it's definitely more of a tongue-in-cheek satire/slasher flick than a straightforward genre pic like Maniac. Somewhat more like Joe Dante's "Homecoming" from Showtime's recent Masters of Horror series, though I prefer Lustig and Cohen's satire to Dante's. Definitely worth giving a try.

As for the sidebar link - my pleasure.

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