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July 26, 2006


With this write-up only adding to the love-it or hate-it reaction the film is getting, at this point I can't wait to see it. Initially I was going to pass and wait for the DVD (I was only "meh" about The Village, appreciating its filmmaking elements while recognizing its complete emptiness), but at this point it intrigues me if only because it is actually guaranteed to elicit a reaction, unlike about half the movies I've seen this year.

What I find so frustrating about Shyamalan is that he really is a gifted director - there are few American filmmakers working today with his command of the widescreen frame, as well as his skill at cutting and pacing dialogue-heavy scenes (not to mention his gift for crafting atmosphere). But his storytelling skills have sunk so low, and his narcissism now seems so unbridled, that I find his work very difficult to tolerate.

That said, Giamatti is really quite good in the film.

All true... except the Village was much better than Lady in the Pool Filter. This one was borning, front to back. And Having M. Knight. Shamangalangalan play the part of a writer who's work is so profound that it would get him kill for daring to put pen to paper, plus change the entire world (in some unspecified way)... um.... is he like 12 or something suddenly? Someone needs to be hired to say "No, M. No."

Yeah, Giamatti would be reason enough for me to at least check this out on DVD. For now, I'll try to catch an early showing during the week sometime: if I watch it with an audience prone to laughter, any chance at an objective viewing will be out the window.

I think Giamatti has inherited Steve Buscemi's "ugly Italian who can act really well and therefore causes people to watch any movie he's in" mantle.

I don't understand how anyone finds anything good in this movie, and I haven't said that about a movie in along, long time. The Village seems like a masterpiece in comparison. The dialogue is the worst part. If you hung out with a narcissistic hippie from the 60s, had them tell you an off-the-wall story while they were smoking dope, you would probably get a less egotiscal and painful experience then this excuse for a movie.

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