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August 03, 2006


This isn't unique to film.

If you ever want a good laugh, go to Amazon.com and check the ratings on a game that hasn't come out yet.

If it's much-anticipated, you will often get hundreds of five-star "reviews" based on nothing other than PR and rumors.

Yeah, I know it's a problem all over the Internet (and Amazon especially). But after a particularly busy week of nasty comments, I figured it was time to make clear what should already be obvious to anyone with any manners.

That said, I've already got a comment on my review of The Descent that ignores the first point in this post (about Rotten Tomatoes)....

Ahh, the good old "you disagree with the majority, therefor you must be wrong" retort. Moderate away.

P.S. Speaking of Tim Allen, Ed just asked me to cover "Zoom" for my first theatrical review at Slant. Wish me luck...

As mildly helpful as RT is given the abundance of opinions it provides, I agree its logic regarding rank (i.e. 80% fresh > 70% fresh) is fundamentally flawed since something can (and will) score 90+ despite how most of the individual reviews are characterized by mild liking of the film. (March of the Penguins, etc)

Great site btw Nick, I really enjoy reading your stuff. It doesn't seem detrimental to link to point #4 in some sort of sidebar staple entitled "Hammer of Anti-Idiocy" or whatever, lest the comment system go the way of IMDb forums.

P.S. Speaking of Zoom, luck wished Rob. It looks like a half-baked Sky High. Actually closer to one third baked or even one quarter.


Thanks for the kind words, and right back at you re: your site. And I may just follow your suggestion and link to point #4, just for any potential future knuckleheads.


Congrats on the Zoom assignment, and good luck. That one was my responsibility until you took it off my hands, and I'm happy that you have...

You're welcome. Well, you've gotta start somewhere. I think my long-time experience with Mystery Science Theater (and bad movies in general - Running Scared, anyone?) will come in handy here.

Yeah, "Zoom" was definitely 90 minutes of my life that I'd want back if watching it hadn't been in service of getting me closer to what I love doing. Maybe if I'm living in NY down the road I can take more of those duds off your hands so you can spend more time with Little H (she is an angel).

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