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August 12, 2006


Legless Reptiles on an Aerially Suspended Vehicle? Mother@!%*er!

We got mother@#$%in' snakes on this mother#$@%in' plane! (etc)

Seriously though, good to hear Pulse achieved averageness, considering the original was one of last year's finest (or 2001's, take your pick), and the Dimension Films distribution had me shaking given their track record with pseudo-scary releases like Venom and Cursed.

Everyone's excited about those snakes. I remain skeptical that anything can live up to such hype (and I have a sneaking suspicion that the film people are hoping for isn't the one that was actually made). We'll see...

As for Pulse, well, I'd hardly call it great. Probably wouldn't even call it good. But it's an ok remake given the circumstances: great but oblique source material, the Weinsteins, the dumbed-down demands of the American teen horror market, and the many production delays. I think part of the reason I was ok with it was that, because my expectations were so low, the fact that it wasn't an abomination was pleasantly surprising...

Despite my love for playing it up so, I'm with you on the outlook for SOAP. It certainly doesn't help that the hype has gone through the roof - when it was strictly a low-key thing, it was certainly more reasonable. Now it's just a tidal wave of Tarantino fanboys professing their dedication to the religion of Sam Jackson. Great concept, yeah (at least in terms of the straight-forward no-BS appeal that first caught my interest), and I'm probably going to be there on opening day, but if Hollywood plays ball like it usually does, then I doubt it's going to fulfill on the subversive fun that's being promised. If not, I can always return and pop in an old MST3K episode.

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