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August 03, 2006


When I watch the original pilot -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tnyp9tRXRo -- I can't help but think that Rico looks like he's jealous that his "partner" Sonny won't let go of his previous, straight life. Really, if I told you that was the plot, you would find it entirely plausible.

Also, they go through a red light at 3:03.

Yeah, there's definitely some homoerotic subtext to that clip. And similar stuff can be found in the film, though it's not as pronounced.

Running red lights, however, is completely unacceptable police behavior - even for renegade detectives like Crockett and Tubbs...

One of the great scenes in motion picture history. :-)

Nick, mind if I post a link to my own Miami Vice piece? Glad we're on agreement as to its merits.


Keith, you self-promoting whore, of COURSE you can post a link to your own piece on MV. Any and all praise for the film is cool by me.

The film really does kick ass, doesn't it?

Oh yes my dear. It certainly does kickem the derriere. Thanks for letting the whore self-promote. :-)


BEAUTIFUL review! Especially my favorite following excerpts:

-the cold remoteness of (and subsequent alienation generated by) modern metropolises,
-anguish born from the realization that, for loners like themselves, love is a commodity that’s often dangerous and always fleeting

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