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August 24, 2006


I watched it right after Kung Fu Hustle, and that made it seem even worse.

From the falling statue to the innocent guy getting dragged into a fight to the unconditional love for a douchebag relative (what is this, Twins?), it just seemed like the most trite shit in the world.

With great ass-kicking and the gimmick that it's Thai.

Well, I certainly didn't think the movie had any lasting value, but in terms of (completely) mindless fun I'll admit there have been better examples in my book these past few years. I'll probably be less enthusiastic about it over time as I become more familiar with the genre, but it was one of those rare cases where I found myself able to actually relax while watching a movie. I am, however, eagerly awaiting District B13's release on DVD.

Well, it's certainly not a mentally taxing film. But between the somewhat lousy direction, Jaa's near-total lack of personality, and the fact that the martial arts were more technically impressive than inventive (unlike the unique District B13), I just found it sorta blah. Not the worst way to spend an afternoon, but far from what I'd hoped it would be.

And great Twins reference, Facce.

Yeah, it was over a year ago (almost two, come to think of it), so there's not a whole lot of details I can recall. My mind is not unlike Ebert's summary: runs, kicks, runs, breaks chairs, golf carts, karate chop...

It's amusing: a person whom I detest (and that takes a lot, mind you) has claimed that this movie "enlightened" them; it made them *think*. Huh? What idiots have their mind so full of cotton?

This movie is a MUST WATCH!
The fighting scenes are like what you've never seen before. After watching this, any other fighting movie seems lousy

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