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September 12, 2006


Forest Whitaker's versatility is really amazing, huh?

Yeah, he's definitely an actor who doesn't quite get his due. I'm sure, though, that this performance will get lots of award consideration - apparently, the Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern has already called it one of the best in the history of cinema (which, I think, is probably going a bit far).

Forest Whitaker is brilliant in portraying Idi Amin as a charismatic fraudster who only reveals himself when he pleases and to whom he pleases. Gillian Anderson, although her part is small, sets a strong stage for what is to come with her performance as Sarah, although it is not notable enough to get an Oscar nod. It will open a door added to the critical acclaim she received surrounding Bleak House on PBS. Whoever coined the phrase, Black is Beautiful had Kerry Washington in mind because her performance is most certainly Oscar caliber in the supporting role category. James MacAvoy is convincing as the naïve doctor forming the center of a foursome who lead this movie screenplay. It, too, is not an Oscar performance, but it is nonetheless his best work to date. McDonald, as director, is most certainly in the race to actually bring home a gold statute as this movie plays as a documentary while bringing out the human turmoil that made being in the Amin camp a balancing act on a swaying rope. One thing is for certain with this film--you will come away emotionally touched both from the production elements to the strong acting from everyone concerned. It would be difficult to pick the best performance outside of Whitaker. You will forget Forest Whitaker is on screen as what you will see is the real, Idi Amin. There is nothing on the docket of potential Oscar winning possibilities that touches the depth of his performance. It is one role that has to be remembered as the best in film history in this decade. This film rises to the level of a 'required reading' assignment on the university scene.

"you will come away emotionally touched both from the production elements to the strong acting from everyone concerned" - studio plant.

i was left breathless by this movie, the intensity is incredible. the photography, editing, the direction... it really does come down to the acting above all... great film.

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