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October 25, 2006


I'm a big fan of 21 Grams, largely because I thought that its diverging stories were all evoked quite naturally, its editing style suggesting a timelessness of human anguish toiling inward on itself. I just saw Babel this afternoon, and was very much disappointed for many of the reasons you get into - Iñárritu reaches so hard to connect his stories that he smothers the emotions right out of them. And - I've gotta say it - when Michael Peña stepped out of the police van, I nearly laughed my ass off in a crowded (and silent) theater; if his presence was meant as a call out to Haggis' multi-narrative film, it was lame, and if the connection was unintended, it was a stupid oversight.

Agreed with both Rob and Nick. My personal opinion is that Inaritu has some bright ideas, especially in his film making style, it's just those interconected and useless story lines that screw his films. If he would drop it, and actually make something worth a damn--something of a real story--it would be a pretty good film.

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