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October 08, 2006


That doesn't surprise me. I've never accused Shyamalan of containing any exceptional amount of integrity, just as I've never accused him of making good films...

I think it's amusing that Shyamalan contemptuously created his own critic character for the sole purpose of a retaliatory F-you against his films' detractors, conveniantly ignoring the fact they exist in the first place because he keeps including idiotic crap like Narfs ("Pinky and the Brain" anyone?) and Scrunts.

Speaking of good films though, I know you've seen The Host and Who's Camus Anyways, is there any word on those getting released?

Don't know about Who's Camus Anyways? (which, actually, I unfortunately failed to see at last year's NYFF), but The Host will be getting a stateside release in late January '07. Don't know if it's a national or select-city release, though.

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