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October 27, 2006


I can hardly wait for Borat this Friday (and here's hoping that it's actually playing in a theater nearby); amidst senior academic responsibilities, a lingering depression induced by a certain cannibal epic, and Ed just asking me to cover The Santa Clause 3, I'm sure it's just what I'll need. That and Herzog's new flick looks wildly weird indeed - I had a stupid grin on my face after reading just the first paragraph.

So long as the hype hasn't totally warped your expectations, Borat is a really good time. The Herzog is as well, though for very different reasons...

Well, I do try to absolve myself of expectations even when I am in anticipation of something. I do, however, expect to be pained from laughing, or damn near close. As for Herzog, absolutely. His films have never failed to transport me to some otherwordly domain one way or another.

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