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December 12, 2006


All that notwithstanding, I'd be willing to bet a Franklin on its Best Picture nomination.

You'd likely win that bet.

Yeah, at this point, I'm hedging my bets on:

The Departed
Letters from Iwo Jima
The Queen
United 93

Le sigh.

At least I liked Letters from Iwo Jima and The Departed, and thought The Queen was ok. So it could be worse.

That said, it's next to impossible these days to even care about the Oscars. They may mean something to Hollywood and the celebri-journalists who cover it, but they mean nothing to me...

Yeah, personally they have next to none for me. I can't say I'm not excited when something I like/love gets attention, but I think that's only normal. Otherwise, my concern for them is rudimentary, their role in film culture painful but nonetheless very very real.

I too somewhat liked The Departed and The Queen. Letters I am looking forward to. Now, if the Academy would nominated Miami Vice for best cinematography, things might be looking up...

...only to have Dreamgirls snatch the win faster than you can say "Jackson Pollack". I'd be personally satisfied if Vice or Dahlia get cinematography pointers, but I foresee Dreamgirls sweeping the art/costume/cinetog departments. Yay for soulless flare!

I hope The Departed is nominated, since that will give the Academy one acceptable film up for Best Picture, which automatically supercedes last year's fiasco. I think the Academy Awards are wonderful ... at nominating animated films (sans Shrek, naturally). Everything else could use better judgement. Nice to see Babel and Little Children out of that hypothetical running, I hope it plays out that way in reality.

Ugh, I didn't think of Babel in compiling that (but even so, is it loved collectively enough? Depends on how Iwo Jima is recepted I guess). I loved 21 Grams, which made the almost insufferable Babel the most disappointing movie this year in my book.

Nick, you should start and Oscar thread. This could go on for awhile... :)

Dreamgirls may very well sweep a lot of the "secondary" awards like art and costume design. As for cinematography, I think Children of Men - which is amazingly shot by Emmanuel Lubezki - may pull off an upset. However, as my ballot for the upcoming indieWIRE Film Critics Poll will show, I'm a Dion Beebe man this year...

As for Babel...yeah, that one may sneak in and snag a few nominations, and it's completely possible that it could even get a Best Pic nom (maybe knocking United 93 out?). Man, just thinking about that makes my head hurt...

And as for your suggestion, Rob - a de facto Oscar thread will arrive later this week when (barring unforseen delays) I post a link to Slant's year-end feature...

Re: Slant's year-end feature. I'm excited for that (I wonder how my predictions will hold up?).

Babel vs United 93? Ugh. Frankly, I probably prefer the latter - both made me miserable in ways I felt were completely useless, but I think Iñárritu's platform is more irritating.

This is something I just thought of. How is it that Miami Vice's DV look gets lambasted as it has, but United 93's is some stroke of fucking brilliance? I swear to god, it's MTV and Ron Howard, the self-proclaimed standard depreciators of the earth...

New blog by the way. Got tired of A Film Odyssey, and the easiest way to change the name AND take advantage of Bloggers' new features was to just start a new one. Same layout almost verbatim. First post is actually on Vice (since the DVD came out I've watched it three times...somebody stop me!).

Regarding Slant's year-end feature - your predictions are more accurate than not.

I'd probably prefer United 93 over Babel as well. But I'd really prefer neither.

Speaking of which, it's just about time to start a new thread regarding the Golden Globe noms, which are atrocious...

(Thanks for the new blog heads-up. Changed my sidebar link accordingly)


Thanks for one of the few sensible reviews I've read of this unbearably overhyped, tuneless bore. Keep it up!

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