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December 01, 2006


Wow. So The Good German is worse than Pursuit of Happiness, and Will Smith actually gives an authentic performance. and I thought the only thing Pursuit had going for it was the typo in its title.

Glad to see a positive on Curse of the Golden Flower. Great update.

Well, they're both pretty bad. But at least The Pursuit of Happyness is content with being just a big, cheesy, uplifting melodrama. The Good German, on the other hand, actually thinks it's about something when it's not, which gives it a pretentiousness that compounds its pointlessness...

Only two weeks? Isn't that, y'know, before the year end? :P

Not that I should, but I kind of pre-emptively agree with the above two, they both look like ... TRAPS!

Distribution of Zhang Yimou kind of worries me; was that a press screening for Curse? Earlier I heard buzz about Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles but I'm yet to notice it actually in theatres, which is a shame because Yimou is a director whose work I'd especially like to catch in theatres if at all possible.

HA! Yes, there are more than two weeks to go in 2006, but after the end of this coming week, I'll be done seeing all of the year's notable releases - which, obviously, is what's necessary before filling out year-end lists.

As for Curse, yeah, it was a press screening. The film comes out on December 14th, and if you're interested in seeing it, a theater is definitely the place to do so.

And Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles did come out, at least in NYC, in September for a couple of weeks, though unfortunately I failed to catch it.

You know, when I saw the preview for [i]The Pursuit of Happyness[/i], I thought Smith showed some actual humanity and nuance. Sadly, though, when the trailer alones looks like it wants to win the Oscar, it isn't a good sign for the film in question.

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