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January 24, 2007


This review was a delightful surprise...were more films like this nominated for Best Picture (of course, they'd have to be made in the first place). Very few titles come to mind when thinking of its equals over the last decade, and I could probably wouldn't need more than two hands to count them all.

Of course, you realize that this now demands a follow-up review of Babe 2? I do hope we're in the same camp on that one.

Yeah, there aren't many kid's films - or, for that matter, adult films - in Babe's class. A truly magical film that's sweet, charming, intelligent and profound, all while being a technical marvel with great performances and one nicely done bodily fluid gag.

Of course a review of Babe 2 is forthcoming, though given that I won't be watching THAT one with my two-year-old (just yet, anyway), I first have to find some time to see it again.

It was quite the coincidence seeing it up today too, as yesterday I randomly drew a picture of Ferdinand for my girlfriend, seeing as we both adore him. A scene of his in the sequel has what is by and far one of my most favorite lines of dialogue, ever.

If you had given this movie anything less than an A- I would have renounced ever knowing you.

And Bobby Hebert sucks.

Geez I haven't seen Babe since its theatrical run; I remember seeing it during a double feature along with The Net, and it's like one of these is, ah, quite a bit better than the other. Kid films are doing fine IMO; I have no qualms about citing stuff like Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events or Toy Story 2 (among others) as candidates worthy of Best Picture, strange as that sounds.

The only (semi-recent) children's films that come to mind as being on par with Babe - and Babe 2: Pig in the City - are Pixar-produced. I guess The Iron Giant would also make the cut.

And no, Bobby Hebert does not suck. He's great. GREAT, I tell you.

Far better than Bubby Brister, anyway.

Funny, Nick, I was going to list the recent films I thought were equal to "Babe," and you named them all verbatim. Although, we can both agree that not all of Pixar's work qualifies...if "Cars" wins Best Animated Film this year, I'll be pissed. Btw, what did you think of "Happy Feet" (if you saw it)?

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