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January 19, 2007


I haven't cared much for football since I was in middle school, but I too am rooting for the Saints. How much of a nerd am I, rooting for teams based on the economy of their respective cities? It's certainly not popular here, where Eagles fans are still reeling from the loss.

Well, I think most football fans not from Chicago are rooting for the Saints this week, mostly because of Katrina. For a lifelong Saints fan like myself, however, a chance at the Super Bowl after all these years of rip-your-heart-out futility is enough to have me anxious beyond belief about this Sunday's game.

It makes me very happy (in an evil sorta way) to hear that Philly fans are still reeling from last week's loss.

It's 0:33 left in the first quarter...Chicago just scored one field goal and now just got another of I have no clue how many turnovers...

Should things continue in this fashion....I'm sorry.

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