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February 17, 2007


Congrats, Nick! Hopefully the pressures of fatherhood won't cause you to miss out on gems like Epic Movie and Norbit, amirite?

Congratulations! I was actually also wondering why there had been no posts, but this is great news! Congrats!

Ah don't worry...I'll pick up the slack on those critically un-screened masterpieces any day of the week.

Fantastic news. Best of luck with the kiddo.

Silly me, I forgot to mention the obvious: She's beautiful.

Thanks, all.

While the new baby may have kept me from masterpieces like Epic Movie and Norbit, never fear - as of this week, I'm back in the saddle again, and ready to deliver smackdowns to all un-screened new releases.

Next up - The Astronaut Farmer (I think).

Is she a Saints or Titans fan?

Saints, naturally. Though just like Hannah, she can also root for the Titans as her secondary team :)

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