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February 22, 2007


That Dropkick Murphy's song has aggressively pushed its way up my iTunes list since re-watching the film (not to mention that stellar Van Morrison / Pink Floyd live performance of "Comfortably Numb"). Vera Farmiga was so good in the film that it downright pisses me off that she wasn't put to better use. And yes...I still hate the rat (c'mon, Marty). Nonetheless, while I prefer Eastwood's work in "Letters", I hope this film finally gives Scorsese the gold (imagine the ovation!).

This is pilfered from another poster suggesting that Damon is gay, and it may add some indirect support to your first comment. I think these are all good points:

* Damon's character addresses the rival Fire Department team as a bunch of "homos" and "queers." He says it repeatedly. At one point, he says it to teammate while sitting on a bench. One almost gets the feeling that he is not only obsessed with the idea, but he is also feeling out the teammate.

* Another clue involved Damon's looking at his soon to be apartment. The realtor asks if he is married. When Damon responds that he is not, the realtor makes some insinuating comments. For example, he mentions that it is a big place for one who is not involved with anyone. An exasperated Damon tells him to just give him the papers. He was clearly offended by something.

* Of course, there is also the dysfunctional sexual relationship between Damon's character and the psychiatrist. At one point, the latter asks him if he wants to discuss what happened the night before while eating a bananna. She then states that it is common and happens to a lot of guys. Is it not safe to assume what transpired that previous evening?

* There is also the scene in which Billy calls Colin (Damon) a "two-faced ******." This could indeed just be verbal abuse in a macho world, but Damon responds in a very startled way. Perhaps Costello's (Nicholson) tapes revealed something about Colin's sexual orientation.

Rob - I too prefer Eastwood's work, but given Scorsese's past snubs, I'm also fine with him winning.

mpatton - An interesting read, and one which seems to have some substance. Certainly would explain why (in the scene referenced above) Damon stabs a guy with his phallic knife...

I saw the film for the second time tonight - just finished it. Indeed, one has to really connect the nuances that the story gives to come to a conclusion if Daemon's character is either gay or impotent (or both!). In fact, I think that alongside the main plot, that part of the story is quite intriguing. It's also a bit misleading. Although there are enough tips that Daemon's character indeed can't get his "fellow" up (remember what Daemon says to the captain at the golf driving range: "oh yeah, it's in overdrive", referring to his dick as he nervously reacts to a joke made by the captain), there are also evidences that he may be gay (like when he defends himself like a girls would when punched and slapped by the furious investigator inside the meeting room in the police department).
A great story, I think.

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