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March 09, 2007


I'm off to "300" tonight, more out of obligation than desire at this point. The initial teaser struck me as hollow and flashy, and it seems the movie is following through on that just fine (we'll see). Too bad, after "Black Snake Moan" and "Zodiac" gave 2007 such a fine start in terms of mainstream fare.

Ugh. Don't even get me started for now (I plan on spearheading this thing with a mega review on my blog in the very near future). Yeah, it looked pretty, but anything I can recommend about it stops there, like a brick wall.

Yeah, it's a loser, though that doesn't seem to have prevented it from making a billion dollars this weekend.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts...

I spilled them here, rather quickly. It's the kind of movie that I prefer to see, write about, take a shower, and be done with for the rest of my life. Bring on "Sin City 2" before any more of this nonsense.

How was the Slant get together Friday? Was sorry I couldn't make it.


I know what you mean about wanting to deal with 300 quickly, and then moving on. If only those fanboys would get off my back...

The Slant get-together was cool, though nothing too crazy to report. I was surprised, however, that you weren't there - and so you could see 300, no less!


It would have taken a screening of something in my top ten to keep me away - living in Pennsylvania can be a drag in cases like this. At least "300" wasn't one I had to pay for, however.

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