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March 12, 2007


Interesting... are you going on to beg the fanboys to stop clogging up your inbox? Or are you going to be the equivalent of an *insert liberal punching bag* to their O'Reilly?

I'll be watching.

I'm downloading the podcast now. Man oh man, I hope it went well...seeing as that show (its makers and fans) is often prone to dickhead-ery.

Okay, nevermind, it was the wrong podcast. Hopefully it'll be up soon.

But the oracle was pretty hot, eh Nick? eh? right?
*Nick winces, half agreeing reluctantly*

I gotta hand it to you, great job defending the minority, especially when these "debates" are inherently structured to get the "300 haters". I wish one could really voice how one feels about the movie without having to worry about his inbox flooded with messages titled "u sux0rz greecks rule" - unfortunately that doesn't appear to be occuring anytime soon. The all too short 'debate' was worth it watching Rob Felton trying to come up with an argument.

Rob: don't search under podcasts, but rather, look under the video section of the Attack of the Show main page. Nick and his scraggly beard may be found there ;)

Just saw it, congratulations! Definitely handled yourself well there in potentially turgid waters. Too bad you didn't mention how you love "Sin City" - I think they'd have broken their spines trying to wrap their heads around that one. XD

Haha ... good WB reference. I love the host's Springer-esque "Final Thought" and how you look like Bob Ross, the PBS landscape painter.

Glad to hear others don't think it was a train wreck. I can barely stand to watch the segment myself.

Fortunately, not much hate mail has arrived since the appearance.

I planned on mentioning Sin City, but the segment was so short, there was barely time to say anything meaningful.

And I'm thrilled to know that my Bob Ross impersonation is working...

Oh, the segment sucks, but it's the fault of G4's inherent suckitude and that rude doofus they had representing the fanboy angle.

Just saw the clip. Great job on how you handled yourself there. No way I could have kept my cool 'discussing' this film with that bunch.

Likewise congrats, my friend. I think you've got the necessary assertiveness for TV, absolutely essential in the company you were in. Though any thought of "Happy Little Trees" went out my head the minute your basso profundo began resonating.

I showed the clip to my girlfriend, and sans beard, age difference, and familial status, she's of the opinion that we're the same person (she tends to say this of all movie-related folk). I found it amusing. (she also went haywire when she found out you "only" gave "Babe" an A-, and was speechless that "Gremlins 2" - the only movie she has thus walked out on our watching - had the same marking. And I won't even begin to detail her loathing of "Pulse"...)

Nick, if it wasn't for you, that clip would have been one of the more depressing things I've seen in a while. I feel like I walked into some bizarro world where a geeky love of stylized violence above all else is the reason the world exists, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an elitist, cowardly bastard. I guess I hang out with the wrong crowd.

Nick handled it amazingly well, though. I would have started throwing things.

Good grief that Wizard was an airhead. What's weird for me is that I've talked to a few Classics majors here at Berkeley who went and enjoyed this thing. I was speechless. Honestly, how does that even work in the brain?

Aww, guys. You're making me blush...

Keith - Yeah, my voice isn't quite Bob Ross-smooth, but glad it didn't prevent you from throwing me a House Next Door link (thanks, btw).

Rob - So wait, if you're my doppelganger, then does that mean that if we ever meet in person, the time-space continuum will collapse in on itself? And you can tell your girlfriend that Babe had to receive an A-, because Babe: Pig in the City gets the straight A.

Ryland - It's amazing how many seemingly intelligent people have taken to 300. I guess it really does prove that for many, going to the movies is - first and foremost - an opportunity to turn off one's brain. (Btw, really dig your stuff over at the House Next Door).

Yeah, after my Zodiac review went up/got published, this dude asked me, "You really think that movie's not about serial killers? That shit was the most boring serial killer movie ever, son." I'm a proud Golden Bear. (Btw, thanks. I should, hopefully, be making my presence known more in the coming months. School's busy...)

Glad everyone is at least acknowledging it cause it was a great comment in general on that train wreck "300". Today, Slant editor Ed Gonzalez wrote a piece on it as well: "Though it troubles me to no end that Nick has not shaved since he brought his second child into the world..." Interesting observation. :-D

Oh come on Nick, you're coming across as sanctimonious. You wonder how otherwise intelligent people can like 300, and yet you like movies that aren't smart. If I recall correctly, you gave a positive score to Resident Evil Apocalypse, no? There are lots of intelligent people who would take you for an idiot for liking that movie (not me, because I like my share of stupid movies too).


Yeah, you're probably right, in that intelligent people are apt (and have every right) to enjoy less intellectual films.

There's no doubt that I love my fair share of movies that aren't smart (the Resident Evil movies included). But that's because I find them entertaining in a big, dumb, cheesy way. For me, 300 doesn't even achieve that feat - it's about as much fun as being repeatedly hit in the head, in slow-motion. So it's not just that it's not an intelligent film, but one that doesn't even provide so-called "guilty pleasure" kicks.

But hey, to each his own.

Oh, I understand where you're coming from. I'm probably just being overly defensive, because I know people who liked 300 as a guilty pleasure (I opted not to see it, the trailer annoyed me), and these are really articulate movie fans who I respect. Granted, the whopping success of this movie warrants your bafflement.

I love "Saving Silverman". There, I said it. A downright AWFUL movie but I cannot help but love it and fail to be able to articulate why.

Wow, people love the video. Maybe you should rock the YouTube.

Congrats Nick. You've become a great TV personality kicking that stupid Wizard's geek's ass. Way to go!

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