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April 19, 2007


I was wondering if you would (a) get to see this and (b) like it, and I'm delighted that the answer is yes on both accounts. Keith and I just caught it a second time Tuesday night (fourth viewing in his book), and for me the DVD can't come soon enough. Speaking from my own experience, it also says something that the film managed to sustain its energy for the whole 90 minutes after that highlight of an opening.

Did you bring your baby here?
Baby's don't watch this!

Great review. I'm tired of reviews that seem to want to pigeon-hole it as a scatological profanity-fest a la South Park (not that South Park's bad). I might give it a little less credit than you did in the "art" department, however; ATHF is avant-garde because it's wildly imaginative enough to not try to be artistic about it.

The pop-culture references are few and far between, and, as I recall, almost never serve as even an attempt at social commentary (the closest they come is Dr. Weird's mansion being turned into lofts, or the police brutality in the Time Lincoln scene, or the idea of obsession with physical beauty due to the exercise machine motif, but even those are stretching it). For me, this is a refreshing change from shows like South Park who seem to feel the need to apologetically interrupt the humor and creativity to try to peddle an ideology.

I'm not saying I'm against meaningful art, literature, or comedy, and I love a good piece of hidden social commentary as much as the next guy. But I think that where ATHF shines is their complete lack of interest in having anything to say.

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