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April 06, 2007


Nice review at Cinematical. Too bad that site allows comments...every idiot Tom, Dick and Harry seems to think that treating any entertainment-oriented movie seriously is somehow a deal toll for enjoyment. Bah. I too enjoyed the movie (although I was less skeptical), and am already planning on seeing it again later (hopefully with Kieth). It's too bad it didn't do better at the B.O. (who expected it to do well, really? These movies always come out on top on DVD anyway), but I can't believe Harvey wants to re-release them as separate pics. They could stand alone, but I can't help but think it completely misses the point.

Thanks, Rob. The more I get away from Grindhouse, the more I feel like giving it the benefit of the doubt. However, I still can't shake the feeling that the whole damn thing is pretty pointless. And because it's not two real grindhouse films but just big-studio imitations of ones (however lovingly made), I still find it not nearly as authentic or kick-ass as a real modern exploitation flick like The Devil's Rejects.

As for the box office, I guess that's what happens when you try to appeal to a young crowd with a 3+ hour film. Regardless of running time, however, the fact that Ice Cube beat out Tarantino money-wise this weekend (thanks for the heads-up, Yancey!) is just plain sad, no matter how you cut it.

I don't buy that Harvey's gonna re-release them as separate films, mainly because such a decision would be so stupid - as you said, that would be missing the point (especially given how essential the awesome trailers are to the overall experience).

Yeah, I was thinking of The Devil's Rejects a lot during the second half of Death Proof (whereas Planet Terror had me happy that Michael Biehn was back in action, more than anything else).

Random question: What're your thoughts on Zombie remaking Halloween? I can't say that I think it is without potential, but I'm still not exactly enticed. I hesitate to label any given film as being "untouchable," but if such a designation exists, Mike Myers' debut is up there.

Michael Biehn was great. But it was the appearance of Jeff Fahey - an old favorite, largely because of Body Parts - that really made me happy.

As for Zombie's Halloween remake - as I'm sure most people feel, I'm really skeptical about it. Just seems like a no-win situation, and something that's likely to tarnish the good-will that he earned (from fans and critics) with The Devil's Rejects. Still, I remain cautiously hopeful that he has a good reason for doing it, and will deliver something balls-to-the-wall awesome.

That trailer, however, didn't inspire tons of confidence...

I'll have to check out Body Parts then. Biehn has been big for me every since I saw The Terminator - THE foundational film of my youth. Always wish he'd gotten more exposure (hopefully a certain upcoming 5-for-the-day at The House will work to correct that ^_^).

The Devil's Rejects ruled.

That finale, and the house party in The Dancing Outlaw, are the only two scenes with "Free Bird" that I can watch without groaning.

Also, I love how Sheri Moon Zombie is Rob's girl (no, not you, the other rob) since before he was famous.

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