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April 11, 2007


This was indeed the first time in ages that I've not only tolerated a Robin Williams vocal performance (let alone two of them), but that I outright adored it. Glad to see you're on the same boat with this one; something about it is so pure and direct that every time I watch it (thrice so far), the opening alone damn near makes me burst out of my seat with the excessive energy (not to dance, mind you -- that would be an affront against the maker himself).

Think this film would have landed some where on your top ten list would you have seen it before? Just curious.

Yeah, the film - and Williams in particular - is really good. And getting to watch it with Hannah (who really dug it) was also pretty sweet.

As for your question, Andres - it likely would have made my Honorable Mention list last year. Unfortunately, the one screening I tried to attend was cancelled at the last second, and my busy November-December schedule prevented me from seeing it before year-end lists were due.

I just bought one of those Disney-packaged "Family Double Features" that has Babe (full screen) on one side and Pig in the City (1.85:1) on the flip. The latter is sheer perfection.

(Didn't see Happy Feet all the way through but each time I peeked in, it looked pretty enough.)

You should definitely give Happy Feet a look, Ryland. I can't say I was all that interested in it, but it's definitely smarter/funnier/more touching than its marketing campaign made it seem...

And abviously, I have got to get off my ass and finally write that glowing Babe: Pig in the City review, if only so there can be a proper forum to discuss it.

My two year old is really fond of this film and because of her I've had to watch this many times! I feel that this film is a true masterpiece not only of animation but film-making in general. I know am lot of people find it too preachy but remember that the message is being given to the kids not some high-brow intellectuals (over)fed on some foreign films art of 'subtelity'. The issues it brings up while entertaining are nothing but remarkable - especially in an animation film about singing dancing penguins. It's environmental message has a serious emotional punch and the sequences of the human world being discovered through penguins are brilliant. I love the way these 'meetings' escalate. The way first a machinery comes dislodged from a mountain etc. The music too is superb! This could be the children's version of March of the Penguin but it is nonetheless important for that.

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