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April 18, 2007


surely, to suggest that this film is in any way "cynical" is missing the point somewhat? moreover, i've seen this film described in the press using terms like "gloomy" and "negative", which are, to my mind, entirely redundant when discussing anything so subjective as 'the seventh continent'.

of course many directors would have been tempted to crowbar-in the odd cheap laugh, which would serve only to dilute the point. thankfully, haneke prefers to give us the pill unsugared.


I don't have a problem with Haneke being cynical. What I have a problem with is that his primary means of conveying that cynicism is to present the worst in people (and life) without making any concessions to the fact that humanity is capable of kindness/goodness/altruism as well. It's a disingenuous one-sided argument.

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