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May 17, 2007


Radical Islam is worse than a virus; at least the zombies don't claim they have the moral high ground.

The radicalism lining is a good one I hadn't thought of. I just posted my review tonight as well. Good read!


What about all of the holes in the narrative? Such things as no guards on the infected woman, all of the lights being turned off when the outbreak occurred so the soldiers couldn't see who to shoot, the two young kids easily sneaking by what is supposedly tight security, the infected father acting differently than every other infected person, the plot device to get the son inexplicably separated from the his sister and the doctor to confront the father, and others...

I guess the plot holes didn't strike me as major, or distracting. But I won't argue that a few of your examples - such as the kids easily sneaking out of the quarantined area - were contrived, and not really believable given the scenario.

I had to agree that I got aware of the holes int the movie which made the it bad when everything else was too good or good at least. It didn't kept me from enjoying the movie but it tooks many points out of if and out of all the points he had for "Intacto". Then I wonder if i'll see it gain, maybe when I don't remenber what it is about.

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