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May 03, 2007


New title noted. Looks good!

Great new name, and the site looks snazzy. I love that Herzog doc--very Kubrickian.

Hey, cool! To be honest I like the look of the NSFP better, but I definitely prefer the style of the new site.

J - I'm not sure I understand. You mean, you prefer the color scheme of the old site, but the design of this one?

I like the frame you chose.

The pure, white laundry (and crucifix poles!) on a lovely spring day, juxtaposed with the scariest sight since the first time I saw Tapper shirtless.

Anyhow, if I were to offer two design suggestions, they would be to add some left- and right-padding to the beige boxes, so that the text isn't flush against the margin, and to up the font size a little bit. Maybe to 12px instead of 10. I'm gettin' old, ya know?

Oh definitely the color scheme of the new one - the olive/black fits very well with the picture, though the red/beige of the sidebar seems held over from the previous version, and kind of reminds me of an image that won't load, if that makes any sense. Then again, I could just be more a line person than box, when it comes to sidebars.

It's Kind of... dark, dunno I enjoyed the cool red one more. Take it easy, Nick

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