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May 04, 2007


It seems that I consider the movie as flawed as most people are, but some seemingly immaterial quality actually kept me substantially vested in its characters and conflicts for the entire duration. It's as if a movie on par with "Spider-Man 2" was attacked in the editing room by a hack species of that venom goo before release. Either way, it's too bad that even some major trimming wouldn't be enough to save it, but then again, I don't think ANYone would be against an additional budget allocation just to go back and re-shoot Spidey's bad boy stage. Did Raimi watch "Anchorman" before that effing dance number?

(shameless self promotion ahead)


No way, Parker's "bad boy" phase was one of the most clever touches in the movie. The symbiote merely magnified the worst tendencies within its host, so it makes sense that Parker would still be a geeky bad boy. It's one of the most daring subversions of expectations we'll probably see all summer.


I appreciated the "bad boy" stuff, but I didn't think the execution worked - it just felt slightly out of place / tonally inconsistent with the rest of the film, even given the fact that the series has always had a lighter, goofier side.

That said, it's hardly the film's biggest problem...

I certainly appreciated where Raimi tried to take the bad boy stuff, and will be particularly attentive to its placement in the film when I see it a second time (I'll be taking the little bro in the next couple of days). It didn't sit well with me, but it wasn't as gag-inducing as many others have found it so far, so we'll see where I'm at with it after another go-around. Nonetheless, I still think that Sandman's initial transformation is one of the high points of Raimi's entire career.

This is entirely too generous for this crap excuse for a movie. So lazy and sloppy. Even for a movie of this genre, they asked you to take entirely too many things at face value without providing the slightest bit of explanation or rationale.

I saw this movie for free and it still wasn't worth it.

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