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June 21, 2007



Boy, let's hope not.

Yeah, let's hope not -- I mean, half of the time she is either a. not on the screen or b. yelling "fuck", or "Danny!".

You know, I only read this after having seen it, and while your description was what I expected, it wasn't what I got. Angie's performance aside (which was exactly what I expected - fine, but you never forgot she (AJ) BELIEVED in what she was DOING), I liked that even though I knew exactly how the search would turn out, I still could feel hope that it would somehow end differently and they would find him. And for a jaded old cynic, that's a nice feeling. I agree wholeheartedly with your argument that Winterbottom seemed to avoid "addressing the ramifications of, or lessons learned from, Daniel’s capture and murder." Which was a shame, because I can't imagine any other reason to make this film.

Well, I'm glad to hear it gave your cynical heart some hope, Shaw. Me, I just couldn't understand - and thus become emotionally involved in - the police procedural stuff, since it was apparent early on that this material wasn't going to tell me anything of significant worth about Pearl, journalists in war zones, or any geopolitical issues.

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