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June 25, 2007


Interesting post/description of BUG. I've yet to see it though I have been curious about how it would translate from stage to screen. I have not seen it on stage but a student of mine described a production he saw to me in every gorry detail - he was totally wierded out by it - a production in a small theater. Not sure if I want to see it on stage or screen first.

I just watched this and I wish I were someplace it could be seen as a stage production. This totally gripped me as the most beautiful romance I've seen since Leaving Las Vegas. I can totally relate to lots of it having undergone a few months worth of amphetamine psychosis myself and I was so close to the tinfoil stage and this movie makes me wish I'd shared those insane months with a partner sharing all the insanity and had someone to help me pick the worms out of me and fuel my delusions into even more awesome psychosis. This movie made me jones for insanity. I think it's just beautiful and it's just like I said..I can't decide which is a better romance, this or Nicolas Cage drinking himself to death with a hooker.

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