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June 01, 2007


I'm just sad because 28 weeks later... was a piece of crap. Sniff. So sad. Good and fun weekend, Nick.

If it's unintentional comedy you want, try Troll 2. After all, Nilbog ... It's Goblin spelled backwards!

Yeah, "Knocked Up" was dazzlingly funny yet quite touching. It is indeed the best comedy of the year so far.

Yeah, I really enjoyed Knocked Up too...despite seeing it under less than optimal circumstances...

In other news, guess who's the newest member of the OFCS?


Congrats! Great great news!

Yes, congrats Rob, and welcome to the club! Now you can enjoy all the perks OFCS membership affords (whatever those are).

Glad to hear people are digging Knocked Up.

And if Troll 2 is anything like Troll 1, then I'll have to check it out.

Troll 2 is nothing like Troll 1. It's infinitely worse, and thus far more hilarious. You can see all sorts of clips on youtube, but it's probably better to experience Troll 2's legendary badness in its full form, as I did over a decade ago on some cable station before I knew about its reputation. After so many generically bad or mediocre movies have been forgotten over the years, the memory of watching that has stuck with me.

Nymphomanic Julia-Louise Dreyfuss was pretty amusing in Troll but almost everything in Troll 2 is downright hilarious, including a popcorn seduction and sex scene with elevator / on hold music playing throughout that has to be seen to be believed.

Congrats on OFCS ... I attempted last year to no avail. Do you have to write for a publication to be considered? If so ... damn. (I thought I read there was a monetary perk from the OFCS, maybe I'm mistaken)

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