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July 02, 2007


I'm still quite shocked that I actually liked Transformers (tell me, have I been secretly ousted from the Slant community yet as a result? ^_^), but in a way I think that my doing so is just as much of an insult to Bay nonetheless. It's like saying "Good boy, play with your toys, that's all you're good at." As for License to Wed, though...I think I'd be flogging myself as we speak if I'd found some value in that thing.

Yup, you're out. Paging Showtime at the Apollo's clown-with-giant-hook!

My third-grade self really wishes I loved Transformers. My 30-year-old self, however, just can't find a way to.

No inner conflict over License to Wed, though. Dear sweet Jebus, that movie is terrible.

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