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August 25, 2007


Oh, jeez ... who did you insult at "Slant" to get the Mr. Bean assignment? I only clicked on the review to see if you gave it one or zero stars.

What I don't understand is this:
* the BBC show was great
* the first movie was horrible
* ???

With step 3, Sacha Baron-Cohen took creative control, stuck (more or less) to his roots, and was a huge success.

So why, with his own step 3, would Rowan Atkinson repeat the awful formula of his previous big-screen failure?

Oh yeah, I hope "Brian Bean" sees these trailers and has nightmares about us taunting him.

Got me. I understand why, in theory, someone would think Bean was funny. But in practice, I just find his humor far too broad and simplistic.

I miss our Mr. Bean. His telling a kid at M & T's wedding about the birds and the bees (and about his mom's alcoholism) is still one of the funniest unexpected things I've ever witnessed.

damn you and your cliffhangers, nick!

Not to my surprise, that film, one that, indeed, does look quite good, is already in the SLANT preview section:


Closing Night, 45 NYFF. :-D

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